Thursday, 20 December 2012

Zellers is closing, so I'll Bust Blasters - Part 2

4 down. 28 to go. I'll start with the biggest dud of the bunch.

Circular cards. With a diameter too great for any of my binders, or any boxes. I'll throw them in a drawer, and maybe send them out with a random hockey card trade, knowing that they'll be loose in the envelope and get damaged on the way. Or I'll keep them and stare at them when I need a WTF moment in my life.

I found several Artifacts packs in the two blasters. No hits in any of them (or in the entire boxes), but they're nice enough cards to have. Manny's destined for the mask binder, and I like the alternate jersey on the Sundin enough to make it my pick of this pack. That's not easy for a Sens fan to admit.
The last of the three Ultra packs in this blaster. It might be the only Tom Preissing card where he's pictured (although not listed) as a Senator. Still, it's hard to pick against Crosby as the best card of the 5.
My favourite of these pack of the 4 that I'm posting today. A great picture of Curtis' mask for the binder, and a nice shiny Malkin insert card.


  1. I already have the Crosby, but if you aren't planning on keeping the Malkin, I'd be interested in it as part of our next trade.

  2. Sweet, you pulled a Datsyuk and a Hensick as well! If they're available I'll take them the next time we trade, though I owe you another package first.