Friday 30 November 2012

Trade with Shoebox Legends

Firstly, let's give a quick promo to the draft that is going on over at the already mentioned Shoebox Legends before I start showing off some off the cards that came my way. 17 rounds. At least 4 bonus rounds. Great (mostly) hockey and baseball cards for 22 dollars that range from Young Guns to vintage cards. Head on over and sign up!

This started on zistle as a small trade for miscellaneous commons, and kinda sorta expanded. I got those cards together. Then I went to a show, where I found one of the 10 cards on his top 10 wanted list. And then I thought "Hold off for a bit. I'm going to the Expo. Maybe I'll find more goodies. There I came across 2 more from the top 10, and 82-83 OPC Commons, and it expanded even more. I ended up with a couple sweet hits, and some nice Jays and Mets.

But, weirdo that I am. I don't open with the hits. I open with this card.

A sure-fire one for the mask binder. I loved the Frank Nitti mask from his days in Philly. That one will most certainly get posted someday. I liked that he kept the gangster motif, and did so with a mafia shark. A sweet one that was part of the original zistle trade proposal.

After acquiring a number of them at the Expo, Sportflics might become cards, like Diamond Kings that I'll never tire of. Here's a Ron Darling:

Minis are always welcome. Such as this Gypsy Queen backed David Wright.

As well as a couple of Turkeys.
And the best way to wrap this one up. 9 80s Jays & Mets commons. Enough to fill a page! Plus, anything with "Le Grand Orange" is automatically great.

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  1. I need to get me one of those jackets McLaughlin is sportin'.