Thursday 1 November 2012

Trade with Cardboard Conundrum (Again!) - Pt. 1 of 1

I've made it a slight habit of bringing other folks' want lists with me when I hit card shows, flea markets or the LCS. Especially for stateside hockey collectors, it is really easy to really put a big dent in their set needs, or pick up a really great card for a good price, especially if the player isn't a superstar or, at least in my neck of the woods, a Maple Leaf. So, at the most recent one, there was a nickel bin filled with base cards from recent sets. Big names were a dime, and superstars set me back a quarter each. So, it was another case where postage to the states was probably costlier than the cards themselves.

So, a bunch of base cards went stateside, and I got a few hits in return.

Firstly, we have a Mike Richards autograph card. I'm not a Flyers or Kings fan, but Mike was an integral part of the Kitchener Rangers team that brought home the Memorial Cup in 2003. It's nice to add an autograph of his to my collection of hits. David Price is a very open 'dog person', so he's another guilty pleasure player of mine. And since my wrestling collection is rather threadbare, why not some Nature Boy? The Velvet Sky one is a little different. It's nice not for Ms. Sky, and not even for the 10/10 on the back. It's the write-up that makes me love this card. When time allows, I volunteer at the local animal shelter as a dog walker. When time allows, and the weather does not, I play with the cats at the shelter. The former is more fun, but I find the latter very calming and relaxing. I love someone's commitment to rescue animals of any type. I've also got a collection of Tara/Victoria cards for the exact same reason.

Hits of a favourite wrestler, a loved hockey player, and 2 animal people. Great stuff. Thanks!

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