Wednesday 28 November 2012

Expo Goodies- Part 13

Let's keep going through these today with a team theme to this post. I started scanning through the cards I bought, going through it by team. I didn't bother with Mets, Jays or Expos, since I know I had a good number of those. Surprisingly, I did end up with 7 Astros out of the bunch. (6 1/3 is more accurate, though). So, here's all the Houston Astros cards I ended up pulling from dime bins.

How about a psychedelic card of an almost certain Hall of Famer? How about another one who might get there as well?
On the upside, at least the second one doesn't have the background moving when the card does. Not so much with this one:

Squint! Squint! It's a three player Sportflics card. I picked it up because of the Keith Hernandez Mets part that is most visible in this scan. Will Clark's also there. Really. He is. That's his foot behind Keith's. The Astros portion is Glenn Davis in the background, the only one of the three to be shown batting. Is 3 players too much for a card like this? I've got a 12 player card that I'm more than happy with. So the answer is a solid 'No.'.

Time for something a little more subdued.
Easily the thickest card I picked up. Thicker than the few relics I picked up. If I'd forgotten my keys, this card would have been used to break in when I got home. Naturally, I grabbed some Diamond Kings as well.

Nice. But why didn't I pick up the Nolan Ryan one as well out of a quarter bin? D'oh! I remedied that at COMC Black Friday. And, for our last Astros card. How about a speedster?

OK. This one I just picked up because it was the son of a guy who I liked during his Montreal stint. I've picked up cards for sillier reasons. Well, there's another bunch of Expo cards out of the way.

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