Monday 26 November 2012

Expo Goodies - Part 11

Back from the Grey Cup, and trying to catch up and get a lot of missed sleep under my belt. Let's just randomly go through 5 cards from the show without rhyme nor reason.

Cooperalls! How did my collection survive without at least one card of those? That had to be fixed, and I'm glad it has been.

If I've got a Whaler one, I might as well have a Flyers to go with it. Although typing Mark Taylor isn't nearly as much as fun as typing Risto Siltanen. Finns might disagree.

I got this one for my set build, but it turns out I already had it. At least I've now got the 9th card for another page in the mask binder.

Let's see. Do I care that the card has a crease in it, or do I acquire a '72 Tommy John for a dime? Exactly. Let's wrap up this posting with some literature.

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