Tuesday 13 November 2012

Expo Goodies - Part 4

Upon returning, I did the obligatory sort through the card upon my return. I was curious to see which player I picked up the most single cards of. Carlos Delgado lead with 9, followed by Tom Seaver with 8 and Gary Carter with 6. I was surprised though to see one of the players who ended up with 5. Jim Abbott? I've never been a collector of his cards. But, they each cost me a dime, so I won't complain about any of these. Plus, I can look through my boxes to see the first 4 I find to fill up a page in a binder.

Hey! The border colours on this one actually work with the uniform colours. Always a plus for these Topps cards. Plus, it is a good early photo of his delivery.
I figured if you're going to pick up a Jim Abbott card, you might as well get either this one or his Upper Deck 1989 one. I'm sure if the latter one was in the box, I'd have added it to my collection. It is a fairly important card for a memorable player, so again, no complaints from me for picking this one up.

No rhyme or reason for this one, but I don't think I had any 1992 Topps Kids cards in my collection prior to Friday. Also, no rhyme or reason for this one:

It just seemed like a nice addition. However, the 5th Abbott purchase wasn't a surprise.

I've been addicted to these little books ever since I picked 4 of the 1991 issues in geocaches out in Calgary during '09 Grey Cup weekend. I picked up 7 1990 Collect-A-Books at the Expo. All for a dime each. They're definitely something different, even for the time. Plus, with there only being 36 in the set, it really wouldn't be too much of a challenge, financial or otherwise if I decided I wanted to complete the set. Then again, that's probably not an idea I should plant in my head.

And of course, I did go to ebay and sportlots before making this posting. I really should stop listening to the little guy in the red suit that sits on my one shoulder.

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