Thursday 8 November 2012

Home of the Toddfather Group Break - Part 2 - Blue Jays

Let's keep on going. One last post before I head off to the Expo tomorrow.

The Chrome portion of the break probably brought the best names, and the best hit of the break.

Joey Bats. Brett Lawrie and an autograph! Sweet stuff. But, the goodies kept on coming. I got some gold #'d parallels. And it continued the trend of "If it is a gold parallel, it's gonna be horizontal."

Update set brought some nice stuff too. Nothing spectacular, but I love the fact the photo on the Bautista ASG card is of his catch and not a standard slugger card. I like the photo on the Happ card, and it's nice to see one of Oliver in a Jays uniform. A shame they didn't do one of Vizquel, though.

And finally, sone stuff from the Pro Debut set. A couple of good team names in there - The Lansing Lugnuts and the New Hampshire Fisher Cats. Plus, we have the latest entry in the Jays "Catcher of the Future" files - Tracis D'Arnaud.

Thanks for the fun group break!

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