Friday 30 November 2012

I don't just buy sportscards at the dollar store

That's true. I often buy snacks. And binders. And DVD cases for my Rifftrax. And card album pages. And sudoku books. And bubble envelopes to send cards out.

OK. Maybe a lot of what I buy there is directly related to the hobby. I often buy oddball items. Usually of questionable licensing. I've bought a Tie Domi mini bulldog. I've also purchased this, and with Chan Ho Park calling it a career earlier today, it seemed like now was a good time to post this little item:

The card didn't come with it. I just wanted to put something next to it to show its size.

The tag reads:

"Chan Ho Park #61 Korea. Issue Date July 20, 1999. Park's a superstar in his native Korea and the favorite of Southern California's large Korean-American population -- but NL batters aren't so fond of him."

And that's why it pays to look beyond the card area for interesting collectibles.

And since I want to get through the Expo posts before 2013, here's a 6 pack of Mets I found in dime bins.

The Piazza is out of /3500, and the ''P' square is indented. The Rivals should show up in gold as opposed to swamp creature green. Not sure why I picked up the Alomar card. I'm trying to forget his time in Queens as best I can.

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