Wednesday 31 October 2012

How to crop a card photo

There really were some outstanding photographs for the Mets in this year's Topps base set. I've previously waxed poetic about Justin Turner's , but this one is really close to it as my favourite Mets card of the year. Angel Pagan is going around third base after hitting one of his 7 home runs in the previous season. Pretty basic, if not for the beloved Mets apple in the background. Much like the 7th inning stretch of OK Blue Jays in Toronto, it is probably really cheesy to people who aren't fans of the team, but there's charm in the cheesiness and I really couldn't imagine a baseball game in Toronto without the song, or a Mets stadium without the apple. This card perfectly showcases it in the usual Mets baseball setting.


  1. I think things like the Mets are what makes going to a baseball game so great.

  2. The Apple is pretty cheesy to some of us who ARE Mets fans, but I've stopped griping (for the most part) and have been reduced to merely rolling my eyes when it appears on TV.