Saturday 20 October 2012

Gauging Interest in a Topps Heritage High Number Box Break

Based on a comment over at $30 a week habit, I thought I'd float this one out there. I'd be interested in picking up the Topps Heritage High Number box for a cost of $100 and breaking the thing into teams. I made a quick trip to the post office, and learned I could send out a small envelope of cards for about 5-7 bucks each. I tested it containing one card in a hard toploader and 15 in a team bag.

I was thinking of putting the price at $20.00 for one team and the buyer getting a second team via drawing. For that, you'd get the cards, and, should you be the one with the autograph, you'd get it shipped to you with a tracking number. I'll put the card of your choice from your team in a hard toploader, with the rest being in a team bag, with everything in a bubble envelope. I've found that with basic shipping, most stuff gets to its destination stateside within a week or so.

Anything beyond the additional cost of the cards and shipping will be turned into additional cards that I'd pick up at an LCS/Walmart/whatever and include as part of the break. (Probably some sort of 2012 product, but we'll see). I want to hold off because there's a chance I could be hit with a duty on the package when it crosses the border, which is why I've tentatively got the price where it is.

I'll be looking for 14 or 15 people to grab a team. There's a small chance I'll pick up either the Jays or the Mets as my team, depending on how the checklist looks.

Leave a comment if you'd be interested in this. No need to claim a team yet.


  1. You can put me in as a maybe, the team I want I don't know would be worth the $20...if it falls for less (such as teams going in tiers) then keep me in consideration.

    1. I'm still playing around with things. I'll wait for the checklist as to how I'd tier the teams, though. I figure I'd keep teams with interesting rookies (eg. Harper) high.

      If the border doesn't add a fee, I could probably knock the per team entry down significantly to near $15, since I figure the total cost and shipping on my end would be around $200.00.

  2. Where do you live that it cost 5-7 to ship 15 cards? I see lots of Hockey cards on your blog so maybe you are in Canada. US to US would cost about $3 a package.

    1. It is Canada. I placed a 15 card team bag and a hard top loader in a small envelope and asked how much it would cost to ship the whole lot stateside.

      If I do it team style, it would have to be a minimum of $6.00 for even the most basic team on the list.