Saturday 27 October 2012

Uniforms of the Damned

There were some really, really bad uniforms when the NHL busted out 3rd jerseys for select teams in the mid 90s. There was the 'Gentle Ben' yellow Bruins jersey. There was the LA Kings 'Burger King' jersey. But this one might have been the worst of the lot. Juvenile is the most polite term I can use to describe it.


  1. Believe it or not, I liked the "Gentle Ben" jerseys that the Bruins was different, and to be honest an actual Bruin

    1. I actually own one. Before I lived in Ottawa and switched loyalties, I was a Bruins fan (and still follow the team and cheer for them when their victory won't harm the Sens). I picked it up when they started wearing them in '96 because I was convinced that it wouldn't last. Turns out it lasted the longest of any of the 3rd jerseys to debut that year.

      It is still in great shape for a 15+ year old jersey, and it definitely got a reaction "Is that really a Bruins jersey?" when I wore it during their 2011 run.