Tuesday 2 October 2012

Trade with Home of the Toddfather

It just so happened that the checking out of someone's wantlist coincided perfectly with my moving of approx. 5 huge boxes of cards from Point A to Point B. I figured, let's take a short time out from the chaos to see what I can come up with. I ended up with about 150 that I ended up sending stateside. In return, I named some of my favourite players (guys from the Mets, Jays, their alumni, Canadians in MLB, and a couple that fit into none of the above categories, Vlad Guerrero and David Price), and then simply said - since I'm sending commons, feel free to return the same.

The goodie bag arrived today, with a nice mix of cards from 2007-2009, and some David Wrights, Morneaus, and Vlad cards.

Lots of really fun stuff in among the commons, which I'll get to first, and over the next few days.

A lot to like among these Fleers. I'd completely forgotten that Kenny Lofton had a short stint with the Rangers. And the Gustavo Chacin one immediately reminded me of one of the more intriguing promotions ever at Skydome.

At a game, the first 10,000 fans were given a sample of Gustavo Chacin cologne. I swear I am not making that up. When I was leaving the dome earlier this year after taking in the Mets/Jays series, there were generic blonde model types handing out samples of Axe bodyspray. To very little success, as most of the samples seemed to end up in the shopping cart of a nearby wino. I'd rather have Gustavo's cologne myself.

A nice action shot on the Boone card as well, and I'm a sucker for Livan Hernandez and his rubber arm.

There were also some '07 Topps Opening Days.

I love mascot cards. Then again, I'm also a person who owns a stuffed Youppi!, that I got at Stade Olympique back in '04.

I like the card of that Ryan Braun more than cards of the other one for a simple reason. He gives me a baseball card rarity - seeing my hometown on the back of the card as his birthplace. It's a frequent guest on hockey cards, not so much for baseball. There's a great shot on the Garrett Anderson,and you have to love a pitcher named Chuck.

Although Troy Glaus got a bit of heat in Toronto for perceived lack of hustle, I do like him for one thing. They had a really neat animation for him during the lineups. They show him reaching out of the Skydome, and breaking off part off the top of the CN Tower to use as his bat. Again, not making that up.

There's going to be loads more as I continue to go through the goody (team) bags. Thanks for all the fun, Toddfather!

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