Tuesday 30 October 2012

Cover me, Fergie Jenkins

This goes back to this past Saturday when I was sending out a package of cards as per a trade on a zistle. At the closest post office, a binder was on the desk featuring recent first day covers. I'm not much of a stamp guy, but I did pick up a few of the recent Canadian Football League issues, and have actually enjoyed using them as part of the postage when I sent packages stateside.

However, there was a non-football one in there that I just had to get. It dates back to Black History Month of 2011, and it featured the great Fergie Jenkins. Note that Canada Post has recently started issuing stamps featuring living non-monarchs. This began in 2005 to celebrate the 80th birthday of the great Oscar Peterson.

Naturally, the stamp cancellation is for Chatham, Ontario. The only complaint is that the date was tied to the specific month, and not for a month where you could have it also marked for the 31st.

For a whopping $1.59, this was an easy 'yes' on making the purchase.

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