Tuesday 16 October 2012

The Interloper

I have one of my binders devoted exclusively to hockey goaltenders and their masks. The only rules for entry are that the front of the card includes a good picture of the mask, and that there be some sort of design on it, beyond that of just a logo. So, this picture violates the latter provision, and more importantly, it is of a baseball player. But he's still in the first sheet in the binder, alongside some of my favourite masks like Antero Niittymaki, Patrick Lalime and Mike Smith.,

But it does commemorate the attempt to change the catcher's mask, and hopefully over time it will result in players getting more creative with their masks. The John Buck card I posted yesterday, which featured a rather nasty looking bird ready to attack, hints at it.

Maybe of they become more used, and more elaborate, we can look forward to a baseball set similar to Between the Pipes.


  1. I need to get a copy of that card someday.

  2. Great card, I would love to see more catchers use designs on their masks.