Sunday 1 April 2018

The Champ's Is Here! - Box 6

The case continues!

Lobster rolls give this post a tasty start. This is also the only non-hockey card in this post.

This should be a little low for one of the relics in the box, but this was a dupe, and the one I had previously was a two colour (black/gold) swatch. 

Again, this should be higher, but it is another dupe. The tradition is his talking to his goalposts.

Another silver parallel, and he's still active in the league. Always a plus!

The obligatory SP I'm glad I didn't have to purchase.

The second relic.

A Kitchener Rangers alumni in gold front format. 

My favourite relic of this box is a pretty good one, and the swatch is from the secondary blue portion of the jersey. That's different enough to put it this high on the countdown.

That 70's line makes an appearance on the promised auto. 

My Springsteen fandom makes me place this Pavelec in the #1 spot, based on the paint job on his mask. While I do prefer the other side of the mask (which also features the Big Man) but this is still pretty nice.

And there you have it!

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