Saturday, 14 April 2018

The Hanger Box of Regret

I still don't know what I was thinking. 60 cards? That's lots of filler for trade packages! Maybe that's what I was thinking. Either way, let's get this over with.
At least I started off nicely, with the first card out being an addition to my CanCon collection. While I'm not exactly enamoured with the base design, the 1984 throwbacks are really nice.
With the logos photoshopped out, I don't mind the uniform updates as much as I do with the complete edit done by Topps. One of my quirks, I guess.
I got three Rated Rookies in the box. All three were Mets. There are three Rated Rookies in the set. That's at least one plus with the box.
The only other Mets card in the box.
Only two Blue Jays cards. Without either an artistic look, or a throwback to one of the classic Dick Perez DK look, that portion of the set just seems to be a waste of time this year. I guess I'll just get them direct from actual Diamond Kings packs.
Panini may have overdone the variations just a bit, as I landed 6 of them in the box. 3 nickname variations, 2 photo variations and a black & white variation. The Ryan Express is the only real keeper among them. Trade partners can expect the rest.
Finally, the 5 green variations. They're certainly shinier than the base, and definitely greener. Holo might be a stretch.

There you go!


  1. The shop job one the Bryant makes it look like he's a Rockie.

  2. I grabbed one of these hanger boxes, too. Great player selection, but not impressed with the design or the variations