Thursday 26 April 2018

2018 Adventures in Repacks - Part 16.1 - The (New) Dollarama Usual

The two-step is my usual card purchase when I head into the Dollarama. One 15-card hanger pack. One surprise bag. And lately, one 80-card baseball hanger. I'll start with the hockey, and then the baseball tomorrow.

As usual, I start with the hanger.
2016 Platinum - Shane Doan - And we're off. This was the first visible card.
1990 Bowman - Jimmy Carson
1991 UD - Petr Nedved
1992 OPC - Nelson Emerson
1990 Pro Set - Scott Thornton
2001 MVP - Brendan Morrison - Did I just send a mailer off to TMM and then pull this card? Of course I did!
2004 Heroes & Prospects - Alexandre Picard - He's quite blurry. I'm not sure that translates well to the NHL game.
1992 Premier - Pat Falloon
1990 Score - Pat Verbeek
1992 UD - Jeff Beukeboom
1995 Parkhurst - Valeri Karpov - Very 1995 Fleer on the design.
1991 Pro Set - Dean Evason
1989 OPC - Clint Malarchuk
1996 Slapshot - Alexandre Volchkov - The back of this card hypothesizes that he could be a #1 draft pick. He actually went #4 overall. 4-1 is three, and that's the # of NHL games he appeared in. Blurry Mr. Picard played in 250 more games.
2010 Score - TJ Oshie. And that's the last, and other visible card.
All cardboard content for this surprise bag!
Not much of not in the Score pack, as expected. Still, I did get this new Wolanin for my Rangers alum binder.
Good mask binder candidates in the goalie pack, but a great view of the classic Belfour eagle wins!
The 2000s pack also adds a card to the mask binder with this very patriotic entry from Kim St. Pierre.
The guaranteed HOFer is sorta from the expected junk wax era, but it does hit a cool set in 1994 Parkhurst Missing Link. And you also get an appearance of my favourite OHL jersey in Sudbury's. No complaints about this!

And there you have another repack!

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  1. Nice Doan! Also, I pulled that same Mike Liut card in a 100-card repack from Target recently, really fun card.