Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Nothin' But The Hits!

My third and final post of local card show goodies will be of the autos and relics from the $2 bin. I'm just going to go in the order the images upload.
A nice combination platter starts the buffet of hits. A relic and a silver signature auto. Gilbert Brulé is probably the only hockey player who has a google autocomplete with Bono as one of the options, so that makes this a little more interesting that most.
It may be a Vault buyback, but Draper's a nice auto to get for someone who collected in the 90s.
Although this is a plain white relic, it does also include a great photo of Lehtonen's Kill Bill paint job. Despite being a bland swatch, these particular parallels are limited to 29 copies. And this acts as a preview for the 2010 Between the Pipes breaks that I'll post this week.
While I'm not a Logan Couture super-collector, I couldn't pass on this great swatch for $2. Looking at the photo, this is obviously from the bottom of the sleeve.
Anybody want to swap this for a Cam Neely?
A glove relic? Please and thank you! $2 is more than acceptable for my first hockey glove piece and to give a spectacularly named team like the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles a place in my collection.
This will end with a Hall of Fame addition. There may be no bleu on this card, but I can't complain about the rouge et blanc.

There you have it!


  1. Barry Pederson for Cam Neely. Seems fair.

  2. Draper autograph for two bucks? Couture patch? One word... Jackpot!

  3. Will you throw in a Glen Wesley with that Pederson?

  4. I know Brule was a bust, but that sig swatch is sweet! And I like the Kill Bill mask on Kari. Nice finds!