Saturday 7 April 2018

But wait! There's more! - Box 2

More Zenith!
My DtT was a Flames card of Gilmour.
And the card hidden within was also of a player who moved from the Flames to the Leafs, although Keith never played a game in the NHL for them. He was traded as part of the Dion Phaneuf trade to Toronto, and is now in Germany.
The /999 rookie in the box was JP Anderson. He's never played a minute of NHL action, but his appearance as a backup goalie was still enough to warrant a card. You'll see him again when I recap my 2010 Between the Pipes boxes.
The Red Hot parallel. That's a lot of red on a card.
The inserts. The groan-worth pun of Crease is the Word is a dupe from yesterday's box. Collation!
Another Winter Warriors card starts the hits off.
After the most common relic makes an appearance, here's one that's less so. The Mozaics have 3 versions of this, one with 1 relic (the Magnus Paajarvi) one with 2 (Magnus & Jordan Eberle) and one with 3 (Taylor Hall added). I've actually pulled the second one prior to this, so strangely I need the most common of the bunch to finish the set.
Both of the promised autos from this box were on-card, and this is my second BtB auto I've pack-pulled in this, joining a Bruce Boudreau. Apparently someone on ebay thinks this is some sort of HOLY GRAIL~, and has it up for $270.00 US. Wow.

Starting tomorrow, I'm taking a break from hobby box recaps. 12 straight days is enough.


  1. Lots of neat stuff in this box, the Babcock auto and Oilers relic in particular. I miss coach cards; kinda wish someone would make a 500 card set and include coaches, arenas, and logos or mascots.

  2. Congratulations on pulling that Babcock! Kinda surprised card companies from all sports don't get managers (and coaches) to sign cards for their products on a more regular basis. I'd definitely line up to collect them.