Sunday 15 April 2018

Quarter Box Sens

I made a quick stop at a card show about a week back. Without a lot of time to browse, I just hit up my favourite quarter and toonie box seller.
I'd call this an example of a card I was surprised I didn't already have in the Alfredsson collection, but this is actually a sticker.
This is the card I picked up that I was the happiest to add to the PC. Billy Thompson never got into a game for the Senators, but he made it to the roster, which was enough for a card. However, he moved on to the Islanders in the off-season, and his future cards had him pictured with Ottawa, but listed with the Isles. This seems to be his only true Ottawa Senators card.
Volume-wise, Mark Stone was the big winner this time with three new cards. A numbered parallel and a couple Tim Horton's cards join the PC.
And the rest.
And the aforementioned $2 box also comes through with a hit for the collection. Sure, he's stuck in the franchise mess that is Buffalo, but he's still active in the league, and that's all I really ask for.

There you have it!

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