Wednesday, 18 April 2018

2010 Between the Pipes - 2 Box Break - Box 1

After a short break from hobby boxes that I got about a month back, it is time to wrap these up with a pair of Between the Pipes boxes.
I'll break the hits down over two boxes, but this seems like a good time to summarize the base cards. They're broken down into 6 categories. The majority of them come from top 3 parts of the 200-card base set. Future Stars covers CHL and AHL players, Stars of the Game were current players, with Greats covering retired players. The Women of the Nets portion is for cards 187-190, 191-199 is Immortals, covering goaltenders who have passed away, and the One-Game wonder card gets the 200 spot. Tom Fenton is one of those "emergency goaltenders" that made only appearance, but ITG made a card of his.

There are other cards of this nature, with Paul Deutsch getting a ITG Pipes card as well, along with Jorge Alves getting Upper Deck cards last year. I wonder if Scott Foster will get one in a 2018-19 set.

Insert time.
Deep in the Crease highlights a teams' goaltenders at both the pro and the minor league level. They've reused the Alex Auld photo from the base card.
A Leafs insert set. There's also a Bleu, Blanc et Rouge Net series for the Habs, the only two teams to get honoured in this manner.
I landed two Masked Men inserts. The Emerald cards are the base version, unnumbered, but limited to 340 copies. The backs do state them as the "Emerald Version 1/1", so...Oops!
The Silver versions are /100.
This is the design for the most common version of the inserts, albeit this one is one of the /30 silver parallels. The black versions are the most common, limited to /120.
I'm amused by the fact I chased down a Patrick Roy relic off ebay, only to pull two of them from packs this past March. Oops. If you've looked at some of the previous scans carefully, this is the 3rd appearance of Patrick Roy in this post, with his mask also making an appearance on Alex Auld's mask.
Speaking of Auld, here he is again. This time, you see the other side of his Montreal Canadiens history themed mask. All 3 Habs goalies with retired numbers make appearances on it, although I expected Plante to be sporting his pretzel mask.

So, there's three of the promised two relics. Now, the autos.
Despite not playing a minute of NHL action, I've posted two cards of his in the past month. He's playing for the Mississauga St. Michael's Majors here.
But here's a goaltender with a lot of NHL appearance, and the auto is paired with his most famous mask from his Kings days. That's the type of hit you want to get from this product.

And there you have it. More hits and inserts coming up tomorrow!


  1. Interesting to me that despite being unlicensed they show the team logos when they appear on helmet art. I actually like these sets.

  2. Sweet patch! The Roy jersey and the Hrudey autograph are nice pulls too.