Sunday 29 April 2018

2018 Score Jumbo Box Break - Part 1

Football season's here! At least for releases for the 2018 season! I'll get an early start on the set build with a jumbo box of the first NFL release of the year.
Here's the base design. Pretty basic for the photo choices, but things to pick up on the inserts, which I'll get to tomorrow.
While I'd like career stats on the back, I do like the design. It is nicely done up in the team colours with a reused photo. At least they use some of the space that could be taken up with stats for a short bio.
With an early release, there isn't too much in terms of updated rosters. But there is at least one. And they smartly chose a photo where the Chiefs logo isn't visible.
Bills content! I got 8 of their ten cards in the base set, missing out on McCoy and Taylor.
There isn't much difference in the rookie portion of the set and the regular cards, excepting the extra logo and the extra corner in the fame. This is probably my favourite photo among the base cards as well.
You can also play the fun game of "Which schools aren't included in the Panini license?"! This year, South Dakota State, UMass and Notre Dame get their logos zapped. They probably should have paid a little more and got the UMass background guy's logo photoshopped away as well.
2 new Bills! I'm typing this up on Friday, so I've yet to see how many others will be represented in the 110 card set. Which means this might be updated before I post this.

Edit: I did remember. Here's 2 of the 3 other Bills draftees that were in that portion of the set:
A third rounder, and a guy who was one short of being Mr. Irrelevant. There's one more to come among the parallels.
10 packs. 10 parallels. Here's the unnumbered Scorecards.
Golds in most Panini releases are /10, but they're /50 here. But, /10s are a more appropriate first down parallel orange.
1 /50 parallel, but 2 /35s. Sure thing.
My lowest number parallel is of a guy name Ray-Ray. All is well. Edit: Even better, he was a 6th round pick of the Bills! That also means my lazy self won't need to find the base card for scanning purposes. WOO-HOO!

And there you have it. Inserts and autographs tomorrow! I did pretty well in the latter, at least when it comes to my trade partners...


  1. I always enjoy the simplicity of the Score FB base designs. I don't really buy football outside of some singles... but if I did, I'd probably go with this stuff.