Thursday 5 April 2018

The Champ's Is Here! - Box 10

Ending not with a bang but a whimper, but that's mainly because I'm migrained right now and doped up on codeine. But, I wanted 10 boxes in 10 days, so here goes nothing.

Another three relics - but all three were dupes. At least I've got a trade partner in mind for the Larkin.

The fish card needed to finish that portion of that set.

And the last 5 cards needed for the base set.

And the final auto of the box. Cody was claimed by Vegas in the expansion draft, and played the full season there.

There's a case worth of Champ's. With the complete set, I can't really see myself busting another box, but this was really fun to tear into.


  1. Nice! Am I gonna have a Larkin trifecta from this thanks to you?

  2. Migraines are no joke. I hope you feel better soon.