Saturday 28 April 2018

Too Much Variety

Part 2 wraps up another envelope from Dennis. A little bit of everything to wrap it up, except all the 2-14 stuff I posted earlier.
I'll start off with a surprising Delgado card, which was surprising to me because I'd completely blanked on Brian McRae being a part of the Jays roster at any point in time. He was there for about a month, and batted .195.
Delgado can at least segue nicely into the first hit of this post.
This card might have overdone the blue with the background/design combination. It looks more like a card that would come in a box of cereal. Looking like a cereal freebie is always a plus, BTW.
Obscure Met alert!
Not so obscure Met alert!
Framed Vladdy! And we contrast an old school feel with Gypsy Queen with a photoshop job of a uniform.
A drive so pivotal that 2 of these 3 players are no longer on the team. At least McCoy is still around for 2018 releases. But my Bills team collection can always use some shininess.
Some classic masks for that collection.
I was sorta hoping that Crown Royale plates would be die-cut like the cards. Oh well.
More plate goodness to end this.

Thanks for this great envelope! I've dropped you a pre-Expo envelope, which will hopefully arrive before I stock up yet again at the Expo this Friday.

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