Wednesday 4 April 2018

The Champ's Is Here! - Box 9

Another box.

Opening this box, I needed two fish to complete that subset, and knocked one of the two off with this one.


Anothe box with 3 relics as opposed to two relics, and this one was the only dupe.

A 2/14 parallel card for that collection. This card wasn't centered as badly as it seems with this scan, I just hosed up the cropping of the image.

Relic #2. The top of the bottom half is about as high as I'll go for a plain white swatch.

Another one-colour swatch to start off the second half, but this one is in the team colours.

A decent enough autograph. Janmark's wrapping up his second season in the league, after missing all of 16-17 with an injury.

A 2-14 high-numbered short-print! It was really nice to knock this one off the wantlist. 

But nice as that is, another high number card dropping off the list is even nicer, especially when it features the classic Nordiques blue.

This is from the 'rare stars' portion of the set. These fall at a rate of 1:1200 packs, or 1:6 cases. I'd pulled one of these before, and it was also the Gretzky rare stars card. I'd put the first one up on COMC and got just under $115.00 for it, so I'll very likely be doing the same this time to recover some of the cost of the case.

One box left to go!


  1. Holy shit! $115 for that Gretzky!?!? Nice pull!

  2. Crap indeed! Enjoy the scan, sell the card!

  3. Those rare stars go that high?????

    (checks set to see which one(s) I have)

  4. Jackpot! Nice pull. Kinda cool that there are non-autographed, non-relic, non-vintage, or non-rookie cards that still command this amount of change.