Tuesday 13 December 2016

The last of my Black Friday goodies

Actually, not really the last of my Black Friday goodies. In fact, I think this will probably take numerous posts to get through. 12 in fact. But, this was the final item I treated myself to:
Howzabout a case of cards from my favourite release of the past few years? I've wanted to bust a case of something for a bit, and when this was cheaply available, I thought this would be a fun way to use up the last of my COMC --> Blowout credit. So, combining this with my actual COMC Black Friday purchases should keep my blog busy for the next while, combining the two with random interruptions for other stuff.

And it is seriously fun to work your way through a case of cards.

Winter weather, if not the season itself, is here. So let's celebrate with a throwback uniform and helmet logo and with the snow flying.


  1. Awesome throwback card, love those powder blue Oilers unis.

    I've never bought a case of anything, and I was planning to early in '17...but I haven't sold nearly enough on COMC.

  2. I've never purchased a case of anything either, hope you end up with a few nice gems. Looking forward to seeing it busted. By the way, got a small mailer headed your way this morning...

  3. Doing a case is something I've always dreamed about...the main hobby goal I've never accomplished actually. Looking forward to seeing what you pull.