Thursday 8 December 2016

Black November Box Breaking - 2013 Crusade

I busted some 2012 Crusade in an earlier COMC Credit --> Blowout Credit session, time to move up a year. It was a really good break for my secondary Celtics collection as it gained a numbered Crusade card, along with an autograph of Cedric Maxwell and a /25 patch of Courtney Lee. My Raptors collection also gained a /25 Crusade of Alan Anderson. The redemption didn't come through, but I got it replaced with a /25 patch/on-card auto of Thomas.

These boxes have a different layout. Still 6 packs, but Crusades are 3 of the 5 cards, 1 numbered, and 2 other cards with 1 auto and 1 relic per box.

And we're off!

Pack #1:
The blue Crusade cards are the base versions, while red parallels like the Kendrick Perkins are /349. The Crusade base are on the bottom. The backgrounds change depending on whether the card is of a retired player (Larry Johnson), a rookie or a current player (Barnes).

Pack #2:
The Tripucka is the teal parallel, and that's /249. I like seeing the Orlando Magic classic original pinstripe uniforms appear on a recent card. The Hardaway Jr shows off the rookie background for the base cards. That's already set aside for my next mailing to Too Many Manninghams.

Pack 3:
There's your first of the two hits. Patty Mills doesn't have too many relic cards available, so that's not too bad of a pull. It is hard to tell, but the card is 91/99. 91 + jersey # 8 = 99. There's an ebay 1/1! Oh, how I wish Panini would ditch the Knight Court pun.

Pack 4:
I guess Too Many Manninghams is the big winner so far with this break, landing a pair of Wolverines' rookie cards. The Middleton was the lowest numbered Crusade of the break. This shiny card is an orange die-cut parallel.

Pack 5:
And there's my autograph! Nice to land a HOFer's on-card signature, but his penmanship leaves a lot to be desired. I'm not certain I'll be hanging onto that, being a penmanship snob. Nice Spurs content here, and I love getting another classic uniform in Crusade form.

Pack 6:
Two numbered Crusade cards here with Hardaway Dr and Petrovic. At least the Nobility card isn't based around a cheesy pun, although I'd rather more room be given to the player instead of the background.

And there you have it. I probably like the 12-13 more, but that is likely due to getting some better cards from those packs when it comes to my PC.


  1. Worm auto! Not to shabby for a bargain break.

  2. Love that Crusade shine... and congratulations on pulling the Rodman autograph.