Monday 19 December 2016


In which this:
becomes this:
While I usually prefer Packers relics in green, the layout here makes it look a lot nicer with the white swatch as the background, allowing the auto to pop with that background.

Wait a minute? Packers?
Wait, there's more!

I guess Topps is unloading all their football stuff, as I did get a bonus hit:
He's still with the Falcons. That's all I ask.


  1. Nice Adams card! If he could have held on to EITHER of the balls that hit him right in the hands in the end zone yesterday I'd be in my Fantasy Football league's finals next week. Damn it!

    1. As a Packers fan... I feel your pain. That was a rough game for Adams. Hopefully he'll bounce back against the Vikings this week.

      buckstorecards - Sweet card! Strata is one of my favorite Topps' products.

  2. I contend you should become a Packers super collector, just for the MST3K posts you would be forced to make.

    And once again - I had to hit play on that embedded video.