Wednesday 7 December 2016

Black November Box Breaking - 2013 Court Kings

The last time I busted one of these, it didn't work out so good. Will this time be any better.
Here's the base cards this time around. Only 4, since I got a numbered rookie card that is technically part of the base set. Batum is already set aside for my next Cards on Cards mailer.
Ugly looking background on this card, but I do like the multiple Suns cascading diagonally down the background of the card. This one is /225.
Here are the non-hit inserts. My love for designs with the team logo in the background easily make the Thomas my favourite here.
Here's the 5*7 box topper. Can't complain here landing one of Larry Bird.
The relic is a plain white swatch. Same as last time, although this one is /50 while the Lillard from last time was /225.

Despite the Bird, I was ready to deem this a draw in comparison with the last box. That was nice, but aesthetically, I preferred the Curry in the last box. Also, that one did add one card to my Raptors collection.

This time, the auto shifted things easily in the favour of this box.
An on-card HOFer auto! Numbered to /10 as well. That's definitely an improvement over a player I'd never head of from last time.

One box to go to wrap up the first order.


  1. That Artis Gilmore is pretty sweet, so is the Bird box topper.

  2. I'm not a basketball guy but I second Adam's comment, two great cards there!