Friday 30 December 2016

My Best Card of 2016

And this should surprise no person who has looked in on my blog over the past two months. But this deserves another post for P-Town Tom's contest.

I fell in love with this card before it even entered my collection, and named it as at least the best Sens card of the season.

When I got it in hand, my only complaint was that it didn't follow up on the goings on from the front of the card, although Upper Deck did so on their blog.
Fortunately, this card is acetate so there is no room for the good news on the back of this card.
A great example of a photo on a card telling a story.


  1. Man, now I want a puppy. Thanks.
    And thanks for entering the contest!

  2. Fantastic card! Glad to hear the family got a new puppy too.