Wednesday 14 December 2016

2013-14 Rookie Anthology Case Break - First Box

12 boxes. 12 posts. And to find out which order, I'll do them in, it is time to fire up

Random Order 5 4 8 9 6 12 11 2 7 3 1 10

So, there we are. And it looks like I'll be leading with the worst box of the break. That's the way things the randomizer fell.
I decided that I would go for the Score base set out of this, seeing as there are about 8 per box, I figured that would wipe out most of the set. And, when combined with the cards I already had, I now have all but 3 of the cards. With a trip through COMC, only the Jagr is needed now to wrap it up. As for this group, a couple alternate jerseys are the big highlight here.
I thought the golds were one per box, but a couple of these lacked the gold parallel. This probably didn't need to be a horizontal photo, but seeing the goalie's save attempt(?) is something different on a non-goaltender card.
There's a decent rookie to get with Martin Jones.
There's the second appearance of the Leafs third jersey.
A nice shiny look at Ray Emery and his Flyer theme mask from his second go-around in Philly.
This gold foil card is the draft parallel, numbered to his draft position or #100, whichever is lower. Chad was undrafted, and since they couldn't number it to zero, it is /100. He had 10 games with the Flames, and is now in the Canucks system.
A dupe of a card that I'd already sent one copy of to Dennis @ Too Many Manninghams. Now I have my own copy. Yay?
Back to Titanium inserts with this thick prime Sean Monahan relic. Monahan was one of the 3 Score update cards that I didn't have after the case break, but that was remedied via COMC.
Probably the best card in this box break.

And that's it for the fifth/first box. No Rookie Selection auto/dual relic, which I thought were guaranteed. Ouch. If this were my first box period of the product, it would likely also be the last I'd bust. Fortunately, things get better from here on in.


  1. There are days I wished we never helped Emery get a ring. He's a douche.

  2. I wish you'd gotten the previous year's case, that's the one with all the Shawn Hunwicks I need! Maybe somebody else will want the dupe Chris Brown. Good luck with the rest of your case!

  3. I love the concept of this set, with the updated previous sets. I have some of the base update cards in my collection, I store them with the original set, not Rookie Anthology. Or at least I will someday when I finish scanning my entire collection. Not going to be soon!

  4. Nice pull on the Lindholm! Wish he had a better signature though haha.