Saturday 14 June 2014

Mailbag Clearout: It's Like Having my own Card Shop

Time to clean out the backlog in mails.

When I busted my first box of '14 Heritage, it turned out to be a Paul Goldschmidt hot box. It had his base SP, which I kept. But I also pulled his action parallel, which fall at one per box. And I also pulled the logo variation parallel, which is even shorter printed. I knew there was a Paul Goldschmidt-maniac out there, and with that a trade was born!
Since SPs were the main feature of the trade, it is only proper that one come my way in return. Here's a Matt Harvey SP, with a great, Metsish photo from the All-Star Game. How perfect is this picture for a Mets fan? It even has a cameo from Mr. Met! Perfection, I tellsya! Perfection!
There were also Arizona hits that went out - so some should come back as well. Despite the fact that neither guy is currently a Met, I'm still welcoming these two proudly to my collection. I'll always remember Marcum's one win on the Mets, and Ike's constant flirtations with the Mendoza line.  Seriously, I do really love the Marcum, since he spent time on both of my favourite teams.
And let's wrap up the Mets portion with a mini and a really mini card.
Leaving one favourite team and switching to my other for cards of my favourite player. I love the way the Masterstrokes looks like a painted card, but isn't one.
And finally, since there was Heritage heading out, there was a pair of Heritage cards in return. Amazingly, while going through my COMC challenges, these were two that I didn't add to my cart. Perfect!

Thanks for all the goodies, and I'll know what to do when I come across my next Paul Goldschmidt hot box!

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