Monday 2 June 2014

Great Moments in Obliviousness

I suppose I could have wrapped up my break of Rookie Anthology, but I need to confess my idiocy.

Back when I was building the base set for 2013 Bowman Draft, I did pick up a few jumbo packs. One pack contained this auto.
An interesting display of penmanship, but Ian Clarkin being a Yankee really deflated my interest in the card. But, it still could be trade bait at some point for getting a Met or Blue Jay auto I wanted. I don't think I ever flipped the card over.
And if I did, I probably didn't read more than the "Up Close" information, since that seems to be to Bowman what the Potpourri category is to Jeopardy!.

If I'd bothered to read a little more, I would have caught this:
Way to miss a new member of the 2-14 binder, Eagle Eye!
But, Clarkin makes his two-card binder debut after having the cards sitting around elsewhere for too long.

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  1. Hey, I've done that too with my Michigan guys--it's really easy to do. Anyway, now you can be happy having another guy to collect, which is good for me since it gives me more options for which I wanna pick up trade bait!