Sunday 8 June 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 32.2 - Two hits in a repacked product?

So, this is what's left for part 2:

2006 Flair Showcase
2012 Panini Rookies & Stars Longevity
2012 Press Pass Retail
2013 Sage Low Numbers * 2

2006 Flair Showcase

Julius Jones
JP Losman
Brian Urlacher
Michael Vick
Wave of the Future: Lawrence Maroney

My first Bills card of this repack post, and it is JP Losman. Ouch. Probably the leader in the list of sketchy Bills QBs during the playoff drought. And that's quite the laundry list of misery.

2012 Press Pass Retail
Dan Herron
Whitney Mercilus
Jarius Wright auto
Stephen Gilmore
Stephen Gilmore blue parallel

Well, there's a surprise for a retail pack. A hit. I'm not sure what rate these fall at for retail, but I'll gladly take an auto from a retail repack. I'm guessing this is an early one, as his penmanship went downhill as 2012 went along. A bonus with a pair of cards of a future Bill in Stephen Gilmore.

2012 Rookies & Stars Longevity
Jermaine Gresham
Steve Johnson
Karlos Dansby
LaMichael James - Dress For Success Prime - 47/49
LaVonte David
Philip Rivers

2 hits in the same repack? Mind-blowing. As best I can tell, Longevity was a product released separately from regular R&S, with 10 pack boxes containing 4 hits. And after watching a few box breaks, the hits were very obvious as coming from thick packs. So, I should be very surprised that an obvious hit-containing pack was in there. The relic is supposedly prime, and while it is one colour, it does have the feel of something that might come from the inside of a number.

Sage #1:
Mike Glennon
Tyler Eifert
Matt Barkley
Alex Okafor
Justin Hunter
Jordan Rodgers
Ryan Griffin

I'm generally not too crazy about Sage's unlicensed stuff, but I do like the visible scoreboard in the Rodgers card. Other than that, it's pretty blah.

Sage #2:
Montee Ball
Tyler Bray
Landry Jones
Justin Hunter
Mike Gillislee
Ricky Wagner
Brad Sorensen

And this grouping doesn't even have an interesting photo. I guess the weight room shot is the best of a bad lot. Not the best way to end this repack, but I'll go out on a bland note when I grab a nice clear auto an a low numbered relic out of the rest.

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  1. 2 hits in a repack??? Better get to Vegas while you still have the hot hand!. :-)