Sunday 8 June 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 32.1

Back to the land of repacks, and the random goodies contained within. This time, some football:

There's two products I've never busted visible - 2012 Rookies & Stars and 2006 Showcase. That's enough to attract me.

Here's a complete list of what was in it:

1994 Topps
2006 Flair Showcase
2012 Panini Rookies & Stars Longevity
2012 Press Pass Retail
2012 Topps * 2
2012 Topps Prime Retail
2013 Sage Low Numbers * 2
2013 Topps Chrome

Total # of cards was about 75, which can be expected when your repack doesn't contain a rack pack. I'll start with the Topps stuff, and show off the rest tonight or tomorrow.

Chronologically, first up will be the 1994 Topps.
Rohn Stark - I love kicker/punter/OL cards. Unfortunately, this card shows a problem with this pack. Several of the cards had problems with the cards sticking together and the associated peeling.
Russell Maryland
Herschel Walker
Desmond Howard - Yet another card for someone who doesn't have Too Many Manninghams.
Ben Coates
Harold Alexander - Two punters in one pack. There's something you wouldn't see in packs today.
Wayne Martin
Derrick Fenner
Brad Hopkins - And a card for a tackle. Again, a position you don't see much of in modern sets, unless it is a really high draft pick's rookie.
Keith Rucker
Tony McGee
Thomas Randolph

It is always fun to bust a pack of something you never busted. A few keepers as well in there.

Off to 2012 and Topps' flagship. Pack #1:
Brian Orakpo - Always nice to start with a great picture.
Dont'a Hightower
Reuben Randle
LaMichael James - I guess this pack was meant for a 49ers fan
Larry Fitzgerald
Randy Moss - as, whether photoshopped or not
Peyton Manning reprint
Vernon Davis - I pulled 3 of them from 12 cards.
Jason Babin
Jared Allen
Greg Jennings
Wes Welker

Pack #2:

Dwayne Allen
Jarius Wright
Saints Team
Jahri Evans - A great photo choice for an OL guy.
Jerel Worthy
Mike Tolbert
Ray Rice 1965 Tall Boy
Shane Lechler - More punting action!
Charles Johnson
Beanie Wells - Football needs more guys named Beanie.
Damian Williams

Staying in 2012 with Prime Retail. Bring on the full-bleed photos! And the ability to fit all the cards in the pack on my scanner.

Anquan Boldin
Jamaal Charles
Laurent Robinson
Eli Manning
Tony Romo
Ryan Lindley
AJ Jenkins

Nothing too spectacular in terms of photography, but the close cropping on the Boldin actually works really well since he's crouched down a smidgen in order to either avoid or brace for a tackle.

And the Chrome

Aaron Dobson
Hakeem Nicks
Kenny Stills
Tavon Austin refractor

It's always nice to end a post with something shiny! And it is the most legible name of the bunch.

So, whenever I get around to it, the rest of the packs.

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