Monday 29 July 2013

Trade w/ The Night Owl

I managed to get a rant out of The Night Owl over the insane shipping costs from the States to this side of the border. But, for all the cost, the package did arrive here. Time to dig in and check out the cardboard.

My fave part of the package were these. I always like making additions to my 2/14 binder, especially a mass addition of a specific player. Of this bunch of 7, my favourite might just be the documentary card for the sheer novelty of them. I didn't really consider adding any of those in the first place, but here is one. He's featured on 10 of them, or so it seems via COMC, and I figure, "Hey, add 8 more and you'll have an interesting page in the binder". Interestingly, all the Saito cards end in #50.

Then I get back to my senses. Still, this pushes Saito's binder numbers into double digits.

Considering I added 30 more via sportlots, and another 7 via a second trade, and have lots more to grab from this year's hockey releases, a goal of 500+ cards in that binder seems very reachable.

PWE me all your Brandon Sutter cards!
PWE me all your Richard Hamilton cards!
PWE me all your Tyler Clippard cards!
PWE me all you Steve McNair cards!

Yeah, that seems like a nonsensical attempt. It's always worth trying, though.

A trio of new cards for my CanCon collection as well. Aumont made his flagship debut with a card in Series 2 this season. I'm happy to add a non-2013 card to his portion.
A new Delgado as well! Or a new old vintage Delgado. Or whatever. The stain between the Blue and the Jays is on my scanner.
Three more drop out of my list of cards needed to complete the Archives set. I think, with cards incoming, that puts me 2 away from the non-SP base. But, considering my incompetence with collating the Series 2, that's probably wishful thinking.
I've got plenty of Pro Set hockey. I don't think this is one of them, and I love adding new cards of Beaupre's classic mask to my binders.
To wrap things up, here are a random trio of Mets.
And an equally random trio of North of the Border guys. I still enjoy seeing the Stade show up in cards.

Thanks for the goodies! Incredibly random, but great!

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