Wednesday 3 July 2013

Jose Tolentino has company

Several months ago, I posted this, and wondered if there were any more cards printed where the sole position listed on the card was 'pinch hitter'. At the time, a cursory search didn't turn up any.

But, there is at least one more player who has been so honoured.

Wallace Johnson, welcome to the pinch-hitter club.

Plus, this isn't the only Wallace Johnson with that designation. He's also listed as 'PH' on his 1989 and 1990 Donruss cards.

So, when it comes to honouring the pinch hitter on cardboard, there can't be only one.


  1. 1992 Donruss Gary Varsho is also a pinch hitter card, and he has a few PH/OF in other sets.

  2. Looks like I have a new card to chase.