Monday 15 July 2013

Killing Time repack box - Part 3

The final 3 of the 11, even though I was supposed to only have 10.

2011 Lineage - Rack Pack

Victor Martinez
Chase Utley
Curtis Granderson
Johnny Cueto - 1975 Mini
BJ Upton
Josh Hamilton
Francisco Liriano
Babe Ruth
David Ortiz
Cal Ripken Jr.
Luis Aparicio
Kevin Youkilis
Albert Belle
Shin-Soo Choo

Wow. A very American League pack, with a 12-2 lead. My favourites of the bunch see classic logos in the corners of the cards. The Aparicio easily wins this pack for the classic pale hose logo. The mini was nice, although I note these are just a bit taller than the ones from the last two years' flagship cards.

2011 Obak Tristar

These are always fun to come across, due to an interesting variety of players one could find.

Pete Incaviglia
Dale Murphy
Mike Trout mini
Ron Blomberg
Jake Lemmerman

And my best pull from this repack falls out. If I ebay'ed it, it would probably at least cover the cost of the repack. I'd rather consider it trade bait for any Trout megafans out there.

2012 Opening Day

Carl Crawford
JJ Hardy
Superstar Celebrations - Justin Upton
Nick Markakis
Hanley Ramirez
Drew Pomeranz
Justin Morneau

A new card for my CanCon collection, and that Upton's pretty nice as well. Did I get my money's worth out of this? Lots of binder stuff, some PC stuff, and a nice piece of trade bait. Definitely a win for me.


  1. And there is the joy of the repack - totally nailing something awesome from within. Nice hit.

  2. I absolutely love Obak. Nice hit on the Trout!