Wednesday 10 July 2013

1 Mail Day = 2 Cards off the Most Wanted list

The only thing better than receiving a trade envelope is receiving two. One was a surprise PWE from Nick @ Dime Boxes. The other was from Rsgreen55 over at zistle. Since one of the cards in the former was a Vlad Guerrero, and I've already posted one of those today to lead off, I'll go with the latter.

At the Expo, I spent a smidgen of time looking through some 1997 Pinnacle. I didn't really have the time to look through it too greatly, but did so on zistle when I returned. Of all of the ones that went on the wantlist, this one was my favourite. There is a great juxtaposition with Matthew and the sign up against the glass. The expression on Barnaby's face a mix of amusement, and  "I'm going to hear about this one in the locker room". Thank you, Pinnacle, Hannah, and Tonia for combining to create such a memorable card.
I also picked up a Norm Milley for my 2/14 binder. There was a problem. The back listed his birthday as December. Every other source, and every card with a birthdate listed it as 2/14. I'm not including Boom Boom Geoffrion cards where his birthday is listed as 2/16, so I can't include this one. At least I still have one card of Milley.
Another Pinnacle card, with this one destined for the mask binder. Definitely not the traditional usage of the royalty theme for a Kings mask, but it's different, and also a keeper.
This is another one that's been on the periphery of my Top 10 list for a bit. You can't beat the emotion of a cup lift, but the events of one week later make this card a beautifully emotional card.
There was also some 2013 S2 set filler, but I won't bore you with that and will instead move onto the PWE. Vlad Guerrero is all over my zistle wantlist. But this one was my most desired. It has a fun casual shot, with a nice close up that shows the fleur-de-lis on the uniform.
And to wrap it up, some red. Tyler Clippard is bound for the 2/14 binder. He's one of two in the flagship this year that qualifies, along with Derek Norris. I'm holding out for a longshot that Paul Clemens gets a card in Update this year. Although, since he's an Astro, I won't hold out hope.

Thanks for the goodies!

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  1. I ABSOLUTELY have to have that Konstantinov card, amazing...