Saturday 13 July 2013

Killing Time repack box - Part 2

Junk wax and 2008. What a way to spend a Sunday.

1989 Donruss

323 Shawn Abner
434 Dave Anderson
488 Dave LaPoint
546 Rich Yett
539 Tom Bolton
59 Craig Lefferts
171 Ron Darling
521 Ray Hayward
4 Chris Sabo
102 Dave Martinez
213 Devon White
560 Pat Borders
317 Chris Sabo
429 Rick Rhoden
483 Garry Templeton

Not too bad for 1989 and my binders. A neat bunt photo on the Templeton. A Blue Jay. A future Blue Jay. A Met. A Diamond King. And, in Ray Hayward, someone I'd never heard of. Quite a mix.

1989 Topps

362 Jack Lazorko
521 Mickey Tettleton
396 Kirk Gibson
169 Mike Jackson
Some gum I barely wanted to touch without a Hazmat suit
687 Alvin Davis
26 Dale Mohoric
627 Greg Harris
243 Bob Boone
374 John Wathan
454 Paul Assenmacher
464 Bryn Smith
12 Dale Sveum
155 Marty Barrett
217 Joe Price

And as interesting as the first pack was, this one wasn't. Slight nod to the Bryn Smith over Gibson for the blue Expos jerseys, but there wasn't much here.

2008 Artifacts - A Piece of History

11 Erik Bedard
160 Historical Moments - Panama Canal
146 Justin Ruggiano
15 Manny Ramirez
80 Trevor Hoffman

A new card of Bedard for my Cancon collection. And that Panama Canal card is kinda neat.

2008 Spectrum

61 Carlos Delgado
18 Chase Uttley
74 Carlos Zambrano
96 Roy Halladay

WOO-HOO! A new Delgado for the collection. And it is a Mets Delgado - a relatively sparse portion of the binder, relatively speaking. The uttley's actually a pretty interesting look for the card, and any new Blue Jay card is welcome. A strong finish for my PCs.

Tomorrow! Obak 2011 (and the best pull of the repack), Lineage 2011 and Opening Day 2012. And whatever repack I get when I head to Dollarama for chocolate bars and scissors.

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