Saturday 6 July 2013

Best of 2012 box break

What do you do when the Wally World still didn't have any Series 2, but you still feel the need to bust something? You pick up something! This one contained packs of Ginter, Topps Chrome, and Bowman Platinum.

I suppose I could scan everything in the 12 packs that was in there, but I really didn't have the patience to do that. So, my Top 10.

10. #305 Wilin Rosario. The only SP among the Ginter cards. For some reason, it does appear to be the only Rockies card in the set with a purple background. Design points for this one.
9. WIN78 Jose Bernabe Reyes. I never knew (or cared to research that) Jose's middle name was Bernabe.
8. 53 Desmond Jennings - Gold Parallel. I had green and red parallels (Sorry, emerald and ruby) from the set, but this is my first gold. Although this would be one of the more affordable rainbows to chase, I think I'll pass.
7. WIN96 Osborne Earl Smith. It's impossible to hate any card of Ozzie Smith.
6. 54 Evan Longoria - Ruby Parallel. Another parallel.
5. 105 Adam Lind. I didn't pull any Mets in the box. But I did grab a couple of  Blue Jays. This is the first of two that I grabbed - a nice shiny refractor of Adam Lind. I also found a refractor of Clayton Kershaw, but team preference gives the nod to this one.
4. DD-JB Jose Bautista. Back-to-back Blue Jays! And this one is a neat die-cut of Joey Bats!
3. MBF-5 Beagle. I'm dog people. So a card of a beagle is #3 on my list.
2. 12 Bryce Harper - Mini. Already spoken for in a trade, otherwise this might be #1. It did win the book value war in the box, if there was such a thing.
1. AP-BJ Brandon Jacobs Autograph Prospect Emerald Refractor /399. I hadn't heard anything about Brandon Jacobs prior to pulling to this card. It's my first card of his - period. But a hit is a hit. Even if it is of an A-ball player.

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