Friday 12 July 2013

Killing Time repack box - Part 1

With trades netting me the rest of the 2013 S2 base set, I'll be in a pack busting funk for a bit. At least for a couple of week until Score Hockey drops. So, in the meantime, and in between time, I'll try a 10 packs for $12.95 repack in order to scratch some itches.

Inside were:

1989 Topps
1989 Donruss
2007 Ultra * 2
2007 UD S1
2007 Topps S2
2008 UD Artifacts
2008 UD Spectrum
2011 Topps Lineage Rack Pack
2011 Tristar Obak
2012 Opening Day

That's actually 11. So, that does throw a slight spanner in the works when it comes to an even distribution of packs over several days of posting. But, since one of the packs was a rack pack, it's like two packs, so I can still do 4 a day, without having to pick up a random pack between now and Sunday.

So, since they group together so nicely, let's head back to the great year that was 2007. What type of cards will I get from the year that also gave us such memorable gifts such as "Who's Your Caddy?"?

2007 Topps S2:

604 San Diego Team
417 Mike Maroth
Generation Now 311 - Hanley Ramirez
639 Joe Smith
525 Jeremy Hermidia
437 Paul Loduca

2 Mets out of 6 cards? Not a bad start.

2007 Ultra Pack 1:

65 Brandon Inge (Parallel)
40 Adam Dunn
85 Vladimir Guerrero
146 Jason Bay
165 Omar Vizquel

A new Vladimir for the binder. A new Jason Bay for the CanCon binder. And a nice photo on the Adam Dunn. When an Omar Vizquel is the least binder worthy base card in the pack, you've got a good one.

2007 Ultra Pack 2:

120 Chien-Ming Wang (Parallel)
72 Jeremy Hermidia
60 Jeremy Bonderman
170 Richie Sexson
127 Nick Swisher

And everything the first pack was, this one wasn't. Here's the parallel.

2007 Upper Deck S1

238 Vernon Wells
365 Corey Hart
440 Brad Hennessey
210 Carl Crawford
282 Matt Murton
43 Delmon Young
99 Jason Michaels
85 AJ Pierzynski

A Blue Jay, and three interesting photos. I'm not sure what was going on in the AJ photo. Celebrating a home run? Or just acting like a d-bag? If I were to bet, I'd pick the latter.

Not too bad. Binder material is all I ask for.

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