Saturday 10 June 2017

New 2/14 Faces

A new shipment from COMC often means new faces for that binder, and there were 3 this time around.
This one was added after a bit of a debate on my part. The almost complete lack of 50s content (1 other card) was the deciding factor. The various reference sites list Caffie as a 2/14 baby. However the card lists him as 2/13. I'll overlook that to add some more vintage to my collection.
This is one that I never would have come across if not for the COMC Challenges. If a card appears of someone who has a birthdate listed on their card and likely wouldn't appear at the *-reference sites, I always double check before moving on. That is how the card of the umpire who was behind the plate for Babe Ruth's called shot entered my collection.
Marc Munford played 4 years with the Broncos, but never got a card from that. Fortunately, the police department in Lincoln, Nebraska helped me out in adding a new face to the football portion of the collection. Although this is stored in the portion with the larger cards, as it is about an inch taller than standard issues.

And there you have card #1572, #1573 and #1574 in the collection.

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