Wednesday 28 June 2017

Redeemed: As advertised!

A double death post yesterday. Time to get more upbeat with a pair of envelopes from Panini. And unlike recent redemption mailings, these had exactly what was promised in them. No more. No less.

First up,
turned into this.
Initials only, and the S looks more like an 8, but I'll over look that since it is a Bills autograph. The sticker actually works pretty nicely with the design, as it fits into a portion on the card with a different look and feel than the rest of the lower portion of the card. Off to the Bills binder with you!

Also, this
became this.
I was hoping the 2012 Tot. Cert redemption would be the HRX of Trent Richardson so I could send it off to JayBarkerFan. But I'll take the rookie/auto/relic of a guy with a great nickname like Muscle Hamster instead.

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