Wednesday 7 June 2017

Bills! Bills! Bills!

Time to show off the Bills from a group break. Only 3 of the 5 boxes came through with cards for me, and fortunately, one of those was a high end box.
Let's start with some recent stuff out of Score. Not good collation for a team set out of the jumbo box, as I only got 5 of the Bills 10 veteran base cards.  And 3 of those guys on the base are no longer on the team. You see Robert Woods there, and Marquise Goodwin and Mike Gillislee are also there. Ugh for that, but it is nice to see Lorenzo Alexander and Zach Brown make their cardboard debut.
Optik is to Donruss as Chrome is to Topps.
But at least I got something shiny in this.

I'm surprised that I didn't even get one base card out of Select, but things picked up with Panini Encased. That's a higher end set with one base card, 3 hits, and an encased/graded card. And two of those hits were for me!
A couple of Cardale patches.
And a Cardale autograph w/ inscription. The 12 gauge inscription would make more sense if he was still pictured w/ Ohio State, but that's a minor complaint if anything. There was no chance he'd be wearing #12 with the Bills, since Jim Kelly's #12 is retired. There are other inscriptions (Go Bills, Big 10 Champ), but I'm fine with a nickname one.
The backs are kinda nice on this. No stats, but I appreciate the trying of something different.

And there you have it.

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