Tuesday 13 June 2017

2017 Adventures in Repacks - Part 15.2 - Football Goodies

And now, the highlights from about 50 cards from 1995 Finest that were in this box.
The big winner here hits two of my PCs. My Bills collection and my 2-14 collection. This was the only Bills card among the Finest in there, but I think I'll make this the 68th Jim Kelly card in the binder.
It was a pretty good mix of cards. Even with a smaller base set, I'd be expecting many guys who didn't manage much of a career, but here's another HOFer in the bunch.
The real highlight here was the appearance of guys on teams I'd seriously had little or no memory they'd played with. Roby with Tampa Bay? Dave Kreig as a Cardinal? Ricky Proehl on the Seahawks. Heck, he played 3 seasons there (5 if you count the move to Baltimore) and seeing Testaverde as a Brown was still vague to me.
And the best of the rest is going to go to an interesting photograph. Not so much that it is a kicker card, but that they are usually framed to show the full extension on the kick, but this one allows for something different since his body is front-and-center.

And that's the Finest stuff. A whole bunch of miscellany tomorrow to end this box.

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