Wednesday 21 June 2017

Bills! Bills! Bills!

Time for the Bills portion of the trade envelope from Dennis @ Too Many Vernlanders/Manninghams.

Very little in terms of base content among this.
The only base card in the whole thing for the Bills was the Marshawn Lynch rookie card. The other two are inserts. I'm really surprised I didn't land that Bruce Smith with all the Donruss from last year I busted.
How about a page worth of numbered cards to start. L-R, U-D, these are /350, /649, 750, /250, /199, /499, /2009, /2002 and /999. My faves here are the Spiller for the logo in the background, the acetate Price, and the Unrivaled of Jackson. The Jackson has a really nice look at the 50th anniversary logo.
Flutie mania on the second grouping of numbered cards, but my fave here is the Johnson, since he actually appears to holding onto the ball on a key reception. A rare photo indeed. These are /999, /99, /100, /2500 * 3 and /750.
The actual hits portion starts off with some appearances of Karlos Williams, who made a rather quick trip from penthouse to outhouse in Orchard Park. Some patches from some veterans and pretty good rookie jersey round out this grouping of former Bills.
The big winner in this mailer was Sammy Watkins, who gets 5 new cards with 6 jersey swatches. And my first autograph of his. If only he could stay healthy.
Technically, this Sammy isn't a Bills card. But, if I can add NCAA hits of people who made stops with other pro teams before becoming Bills short-term (Mike Gillislee, Anthony Dixon) I sure can add my 3rd plate to the binder, joining a McGahee and a David Nelson.

There you have it! 2 more posts to go for this bubbler.

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