Thursday 15 June 2017

14 if by Sportlots

Not 4. 14. As in two orders, one of 4, one of 10.
Starting with somewhat of an oddball. This is from 1994 Classic Pro Line, and is just a reproduction of the newspaper announcing the arrival of the Jacksonville Jaguars, alongside their original logo. I pulled the Panthers one from a repack, and just needed their expansion cousins. Because I was bored, I actually looked up the other articles references at the bottom.

"Slaying of two hunters may be related" - Turns out they were, but the case went cold until 1998. 

"Amtrak train smashes into small truck" - No luck here. This had to be local, as my searches mainly brought up references to the 1993 Big Bayou accident.

"Key Tide player may be out of SEC game" - Looks like that player was Jay Barker. I don't think this would count as Barker card to JBF.

I didn't check out the Teen Wrap.
As a part of my never ending quest to add football cards of professional wrestlers into my collection, here's an appearance of the ill-fated Droz from his Broncos days.
And my list of needs for 2015 GQ drops to 1 with these additions. 2 years later, the end is in sight, interestingly with card #350 being my 350th.
I do believe these complete the binder. Almost 28 years later.
And since I was 2 away from the 10 card price level, let's add two more stickers to my 2/14 binder with my 23rd and 24th Dave Dravecky - these from the 1990 Panini release.

And there you have a Baker's Dozen +1 of sportlots mail.

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  1. Damn, I'm going to have to get me a Darren Drozdov card!