Thursday 1 June 2017

1989 Panini NFL Stickers Box Break - Part 8

I'll wrap this up over the next few days.

Pack 74:
At this point, I only need 44 stickers to complete the album, so I'm going to have a quite a few team completers. Casillas finishes the Falcons. The Raiders and Cowboys were the neediest pages, both with 5. Noonan makes that 4, and there's another punter!

Pack 75:
This dual of Carl Lee and Frank Minnifeld puts the All-Pros portion 1 sticker away.

Pack 76:
When in doubt, scan the one card of a former member of the Four Horsemen with Mongo "At least I'm not Paul Roma" McMichael.

Pack 77:
Back-to-back packs without a needed sticker means I'll scan a Buffalo Bills one this time.

Pack 78:
Carl Zander! There's a need for the album!

Pack 79:
Neither were team completers, but these knocked both of these down to 1 per team.

Pack 80:
When in doubt, scan the foil. Especially when I can link to the Packers video again.
Pack 81:
I needed two Washington stickers to complete their pages. And here they are!

Pack 82:
Hard not to scan a card of a guy named Lipps.

Pack 83:
1 sticker left to complete the Super Bowl inserts with this one. Keith Jackson wraps up the All-Pros. Williams does the same for the Patriots. And Morten Anderson does it for the Saints. Great pack!

Pack 84:

Steve Largent slips into the album, and Bart Oates does the same for the Giants, but only Oates completes his respective team pages.

Pack 85:
One of my last foil sticker needs, and a pair of needed Cowboys.

Pack 86:
Coleman and Minnifield close out their respective teams, while I'm now one left for San Diego.

Pack 87:
And this finishes off the Super Bowl inserts. The only foil I still need is the Lions logo.

19 left to finish the album over 13 packs. How close will I get?

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