Wednesday 31 May 2017

Bowman Sampler

I've had very little time available over the past couple weeks to hit the LCS, so I had to rely on Walmart for some '17 Bowman. And it actually worked out pretty well with my hanger pack (3 10 card packs and 1 5 card yellow parallel pack)

Pack 1:

And my first 2017 Bowman card is...

A photoshop special. I do like the mostly full-bleed look this year.

The easiest way to break the 10 card packs down for me is to group the veterans/rookies, the prospects, the chromes and the inserts together.
The rest of the veteran/rookie content was pretty Dodgers intensive.
And yes, I did try to read the content on the sign behind Jurado.
Shiny cards! And one of them is a Mets card! WOO-HOO!

That's only 9 cards, so an insert awaits.
It's a buyback. These fall at a rate of 1:12 among retail.

Pack 2:
Some more rookies this time around among the non-prospect portions of the pack.
And some prospects.
And the Chromes. Coonrod's name sounds like an ethnic slur.

That was a pretty blah pack.

Pack 3:
The photo on the Springer is kinda nice, with the scoreboard shining brightly in the full-bleed design.
Your prospects.
Your chromes.

And since that was only 9 cards, there's another insert.
And it is an auto. A very Italian flag auto, with a green parallel of a guy named White playing for the Reds. I didn't think I'd land a penmanship binder card in this, but this certainly counts. It would probably look really nice if he wasn't confined by the size of the sticker. Green parallels of paper autographs are 1:617. So a very tough pull to go along with its niceness.
And the yellow parallels. Blue Jays niceness for me in here hits both my favourite teams, but that Bellinger is easily the big one here. Probably bound for Night Owl in a future Super Traders mailing.

And there you go.


  1. I got an autograph card in a pack that contained Bryce Harper, Springer and Piscotty

  2. An Italian flag auto... ha! That's pretty cool. Nice pull!